I Am Sort of Playing the Vulture

My boss claims that I have a talent for it, although it is certainly not a pleasant way to earn a living. For the past few months I have been working for a strike off company in Singapore. If you do not know what that means, then I would have been right there with you before I started out. In essence it is a matter of taking a failing company and figuring out what to do with the assets. Obviously the problem here is that you have people in the middle of that. It is not so uncommon to find people who expected to have pensions after working in the same place for a couple of decades. In theory that does not have a thing to do with me, except that my boss decided to send me to this part of his small empire and make me do his dirty work. If you did not guess it, I was a lot happier before and I am thinking about how I can remove myself from the situation that I find myself ensnared in.

Of course it is all accounting when you look at it coldly, but it is a very cold thing indeed when you look at it as a human and you see how other people are effected. I have been trying to figure out ways to save what it is possible to save, but that requires a lot more than my desire. You have to find some person who needs these people and the skills that they have. For the most part people I am selling these assets too are real vultures. They are only in the game for themselves and will only think about saving the company intact if they have some clear way to profit from it and not just make a quick profit.

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