Articles from January 2020

Learning New Tricks to Do Things the Old Way

My grandmother wanted to take a trip to Las Vegas so that she could see one of her favorite singers perform in person. The cost of the trip and the tickets to the performer’s show were much too expensive for her to afford. She decided to raise the money needed for it all, but she didn’t do it in the traditional way. Most people would get a job or cut back on spending, but my grandmother decided to make bets on to get the money.

Back in the day, my grandmother used to play a lot of poker. She learned how to play the game from her brothers, and they used to play some intense games. She told me stories about how she won hundreds of dollars from her brothers and they were upset about it. She figured that she still had the same poker skills from all of those years ago, and could easily make the money she needed to get to Las Vegas. There was one hitch in her plan, and that was her lack of knowledge about how to make bets online.

For the most part, my grandmother knew how to do the basics on her computer. She could check her emails, upload a picture or two, or even look at some videos online, but she wasn’t sure about betting online. She had only heard of the betting website that she was going to use, but didn’t know how to actual start betting. She called me to ask for help because to everyone in my family, I’m the resident computer expert, even though I don’t know more about computers than the average person. I showed her how to use the site and she was making bets and playing games in no time. She was able to get enough money for her trip in just a couple of days.