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Searching for the Best Korean Vinyl Brands in Singapore

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Victory Of Anna Hazare is The Defeat Constitution


Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi “the Mahatma” – the father of the nation, delivered India independence on August 15, 1947. Immediately thereafter Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, “Chacha” and his progeny Indira Gandhi, the daughter and eventually her son, the grandson Rajiv Gandhi finally took over the reigns of the Govt. as a matter of family dynastic convention under which traditionally India had survived historically past hundreds of years immediately before British event of rule around 1600. This is to say, India has been under a system perceived close to feudalism near resembling monarchy, autocratic and aristocratic, peculiar to medieval Europe. This was a destiny predicated to the Indian evolutionary historical ethos. It has been the traditional historical content of the Indian subcontinent which since time again was impacted to convenience a foreign rule, as all attempts to any formation of federal rule was somehow symbolically delayed by the inherent implications and results of internecine warfare creating divisions within the already diverse composition of society. These happenings are so true for smaller nations of the world having their own evolution history but the same rule applied to the subcontinent of India, which is infact larger than most of Europe combined, had been a factor for claiming India’s fame of the paradigm of virtue in expressing India’s unity in diversity.

This is a accolade worth mention to the greater glory of the Indian nation but at the same time in its antithesis is implied the downgrading of the Indian national ethos, the administration of which past 64 years of independence, is yet to bring about a semblance of socio-economic and political order exemplified by the modern capitalistic order. This is not to mention the Republic of China’s success with a tryst of a marriage between partnership of communistic capitalism or vice versa in bringing about a miraculous economic formula escalating to the pinnacle of success, while at the same time the forbearers of capitalistic economies are facing a traumatic slide down despite their earlier success.

“Baba” Anna Hazare, having climbed up the social ladder, from an ordinary driver’s post in the Indian army, having retired after 15 years of dedicated service, to have achieved his present position as one of the greatest of social reformers after Mahatma Gandhi, Vinobha Bhave and Jai Prakash Narayan of recent times is the story of India being retold once again. While the American dream ushers in materialistic propensities of socio-economic and nationalistic polity on one side, India more than often has been reinstated to the path of its political destination, not by eminent personages, but instead by the spiritually guided down to earth by holistic humanism. Baba Hazare has used the age old tool of peaceful non-violence in attempting positivism to a negative aspect, a powerful natural logic propagated by none other than the one piece loin cloth dressed Gandhi perceived to have been propounding the fundamentals of vedantic (veda anta – post vedic) and puranic synthesis arriving at the dialectical philosophy of Buddhism.

On reading the history of India it is given to understand Buddhism was rooted out from the bode of its birth. This claim if properly analysed will fall short of its thesis for the simple reason, an aspect of Mahayanistic formulations came to an end in India but survived in its various contents in most of the countries where its practice still reigns supreme. In other words Buddhism brought about the advent of reforming the Brahmanical social religious content to a full circle in allowing it to grow further into the true aspects of the evolving conditions of the Indian ethos. The prevalence of the Bhagwad Gita into the background of the Mahabharata epic is itself an acclaim to this perspection in mind. The philosophy of Gita predominantly acknowledges the materialistic philosophy of Buddhism. The consideration and importance of the present reality and its logical explanation in confirmation to the now or never, however delegating the concept of soul and god to the select few affording time for the subject’s deliberation and enquiry. The path of the elders was the style of the Theravada. This aspect maybe compared to Adi Shankaracharya’s pronouncement in the nihilistic doctrine of Sankya philosophy governing the country’s religion of the times. Strangely history relates he was assassinated in Nepal, the very seat of Tantric Mahayanistic power. This is paradoxical when considering firstly and primarily that the Sankya philosophy and Hinayana path more or less form the same part of the whole, whether one calls it Hinduism or Buddhism. Secondly, the very act of violence to the incident is a cause of concern to derive that the assassination was outside the fold of Buddhistic precepts.

It is this Indo Buddhistic approach seen in Baba Anna Hazare’s which incidentally is significantly important in displaying a holistic approach to a dialectical materialistic resolution, with the Constitution on one side and the vox populi, if at all it may be called so, of the people demanding transparency in justice on the other. Whatever the future holds in this bizarre endeavour, history will unfold it in script in time. However, what is of critical importance at this moment of time is the peoples voice ruled supreme while containing acts of defiance by the institutions of the Constitution. The entire episode is a blot on the character of nationalism which is being reasserted in the breakdown of constitutional law, which it is hoped will not be repeated again. This will not bode well for the country and the people. The question will always hang in the peoples psyche is, if an ex-army driver has the integrity and perseverance to bypass the Constitution, what in the future will be the fate in store, if ex- railway drivers, pilots, captain of ships eventually take over the act in personating Baba Anna Hazare.

Find Out How Successful People Think

Do you think successful consumers are just plain lucky?

Successful people wouldn’t become successful since they were lucky.

They failed to achieve success by mistake. Being at a good option at the best time, meeting relevant people, reading the right book, didn’t come about accidentally or by luck.

Luck is as a result of Labour Under Correct Knowledge.

Successful people prepared themselves. Instead of giving up on anything they started and wished to achieve they got stronger by learning more.

Success can be a methodical, orderly and deliberate means of deciding what you wish to do with your life, which are the steps you need to undertake to acquire there, last but not least what you will do as soon as you get there.

One very sound aspects, or even the most important aspect to success, would be the ability to visualise your successful outcome and also be focused on it before you achieve it.

“Imagination is a lot more important than knowledge, knowledge is bound.” – Albert Einstein

Successful people understood the wide ranging power behind knowledge, yet additionally they understood that, to help them to close the gap between where these are and where they needed to be, they’d have to put together the enigma which is most often known as “life”.

They was required to build a picture, an idea, of success in their eyes, then go about executing a trade on creating that envisioned life.

In exactly the same, you ought to be intent on your present and future, you must have the knowledge which is required and that means you, too, may close the gap: you have to be and remain determined to devote yourself to taking massive action to construct your business of succeeding in daily life.

You, too, will likely need to see the end, your perfect and destiny that you require in your mind’s eye. It is your decision to take the necessary and relevant action to restore all happen. It’s just like browsing doctor that has a particular health.

The doctor may suggest a medication that you should take 4 times a day, yet he are not there with you to ensure that you consider the medication.

{Using Same Medicine


The Philippine’s Chief Justice, Renato Corona, has been held for an impeachment trial for his involvement on Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s corruption as well as his involvement on the late president’s “mid-night appointees” in which Renato Corona was given the position as the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice right before GMA’s end of term. One of the prosecutor’s key evidence to prove CJ Corona’s corruption was with his Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net-Worth, or SALN. With this evidence, the prosecutors had nearly proven the Chief Justice’s possession on his ill-gotten wealth, if only his Dollar account in PSBank had cooperated with the prosecutors. Recently, however, the defense plans to use the same tactic to prove that other government officials who likewise omitted the acquisition cost in their respective declarations, and that Chief Justice Renato Corona should not be convicted for failing to include the acquisition cost of his properties in his SALN..

This, however, was denied by Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile. Irrelevant CaseDefense counsel Tranquil Salvador said on Sunday the presentation would not yet happen this week, which is the ninth week of trial and the last one before the Holy Week break of Congress. Budget Secretary Florencio Abad earlier admitted that he, too, did not include acquisition cost in his own SALN, a purported violation both the Aquino administration and the prosecution have pointed out in the case of Corona. But Enrile, according to latest Current Events in Philippines, the presiding officer, was not interested in seeing the SALNs of other government officials in the impeachment trial of the Chief Justice. He said that records of Cabinet members, not being impeachable officers, would be irrelevant to the trial of Corona. He said that he would question the “purpose” and “relevance” of these SALNs should defense lawyers present them this week. Trial is set to resume at 2 p.m. on Monday. “(They’re) immaterial, irrelevant to the case,” he said in an interview aired at Nimfa Ravelo’s radio program at DZBB on Sunday.

“Just because others were at fault doesn’t mean that the one on trial also committed no violation. I’m not saying that the Chief Justice is guilty, but that’s not the way it is in trial,” he explained in Filipino. According to Philippines News Today, Enrile said presenting the SALNs of government officials, such as Cabinet members, in the impeachment court would only serve as “nuisance” (pampagulo) in the trial. For more information visit to our site at

The Importance of Making Appointments

Our businesses also differ with regard to interface with clients. If you do “business to business” transactions, how many people you get connected to on a daily basis will vary from someone whose business will depend on interacting with consumers. Appointments can be more practical occasionally than others. You have to tailor-make the way you manage use of your particular situation for anyone who is to eliminate distractions. Having said that you have to note that some people usually do not mind spending everyday at the office entertaining friends, visitors, and casual acquaintances dropping in to the office every time they feel like it. Do not be that sort of person. It sets the incorrect kind of example to junior staff and will harm one’s productivity since these people occupy time which you don’t have and besides you wish to cultivate an experienced environment.

The demands for the day are enough to fill the eight working hours available unless should you tend to stay back and play get caught up. How do you stay competitive out there if there’s no separation between work and play? Anybody interested in success all night . effective results will put boundaries which can be clear to ensure there is no confusion. Entrepreneurs tend to be susceptible to this specifically when the workplace is definitely accessible. The fact that you are the own boss even puts more responsibility for you to maintain self-discipline and self – management. I have written an entirely book called, “Achieve More through Self – Leadership. In it I walk you through the practicalities of the way you can get better results through managing self.

Appointments are a crucial way of not just managing time but managing life. They help suddenly you become more structured and productive. Some people seem to not be able to honour their appointments. I once attended interviews that was expected to start at 10:30am. By 11:30am there had been no communication in what was happening or if the supposed employment interview was going to happen. I decided in the point until this company was that’s doubtful good enough to join because should you don’t respect people’s time you most likely do not respect them.

You might be saying appointments are simply not to me yet there is a constant rock up on the doctor, dentist, lawyer or hairstylist lacking any appointment. Why is that the way it is? Because you simply won’t begin to see the dentist lacking appointment. They have given you conditions acceptable for many years. We tell the entire world around us the best way to treat us as to what we allow.

Some individuals are always available when you wish to see them. If you are always free to discover people at short notice, you are not likely that organized. The one who owns a diary will manage the one that doesn’t own one. Why? Because the one without worrying about diary is definitely available, despite the fact that he is going to forget important meetings, dates and engagements due to a lack of organization. I used to have a boss who kept a diary and what you may promised to perform in the type of work, he’d write down, such as the day and time you said yet have it by. You would of-course forget simply because you didn’t record it like he did and in the event the time to offer comes, guess who be found wanting. It was then that I decided that I will not commit to an action that I am not willing to make a note of because, what’s written gets done!

Rahul Gandhi Urges Students to Question One’s Ideas


Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi came, addressed and in many ways further scripted a new era for the entire spectrum of politics in UP. Each and every time he delves upon the subject, his innermost thought about that particular topic gets unfolded threadbare. One of the best things about his personality is that he never tries to give sermon or impose his thought on others. He never boasts of having invented some philosophy or knowledge. He does only one thing that is to give emphasis on the truth and what is written over the years and tried and tested time and again. And in doing so, he bares his heart for all. This is why common people, especially youth, get engrossed in rapt attention while listening to his speech word by word. His deportment and eagerness to mingle with the common people and down to earth approach towards the problems that people in general face comes him nearer to the people. It explains the meteoric rise of him in the politics of India. When he tells the students of IIIT at convocation in Amethi that one must develop the habit of questioning one’s thought and ideas because it gives one the broader perspectives, it shows how much he yearns for his fellow countrymen to develop a sense of reconciliation and forgiveness and shed one’s ego while dealing with the other fellowmen of different caste, class, creed and colour. Besides, the habit of questioning one’s ideas and thought also inspires one to listen to other’s thought and ideas. He candidly admitted before the IIIT students that he found a huge difference between what he had thought when he was in US and what he thought today. “I am still passionate about my ideas. But there is huge difference between what I viewed when I sat in US and what I view today……… I must tell you there is a huge difference. When I sat there I used to think that all the answers I had to the problems. But the answer was so obvious. Today when I realize that the most important thing one has to do is to question one’s ideas.” He further said, “when I am most certain about something…. and when I am 100% sure that the things are going like this way, it then turns out to be another way. That’s why the most important thing from my perspective is the ability to question oneself.” Elaborating further on the knowledge, he said “knowledge is created by the destruction of knowledge. A lot of ideas that I held earlier and that I thought very important are today destroyed. I don’t believe in those ones any more. They have been replaced by new ones.

I am absolutely certain that some of the ideas that I hold today will be destroyed in the days to come. And it is good thing.” The thoughts he put before the world about his ideas make him clearly distinct among his political ilk and bear out the evidence that how he is forward-looking in his approach towards any problem. He is like a running river which flows and gives life to its dependents. Without shying away from admitting the frailties of human being, he said “none of us can be all mighty God. We do not have eternal knowledge or understanding. Life is moving forward constantly. If we do not develop the habit of questioning ourselves, it is very likely that we become laggard in the days to come.” He urged the students there to move forward by developing the very ideas of questioning oneself. He shared his experience with them saying “being able to travel the country far and wide and interacting with the lot of people ranging from poor people, farmers, engineers, doctors, I see today the multiple perspectives. And what I realized after started meeting with them is that I learnt every point of view important. Knowledge is not the preserve of any person.” Having obtained degree you can not claim that you are more knowledgeable person than your other countrymen who can be farmer. You are quite efficient in IT but when it comes to cultivation, it is the farmer who can teach you how to cultivate. So, knowledge resides closure to where the problem is, he said. It clearly establishes how much humility he has and the honour he gives to his fellow countrymen, no matter how lowly their profession may be.}

Lend Lease Act Was Real Free Trade

The Globalist Free Traders are finding an evangelist in Thomas Friedman from the New York Times. In his book The World is Flat, Friedman calls periods of all time that paved the way in which for Globalization and Free Trade flatteners but he skips over some with the most major ones. The Lend Lease Act within the World War 2 era is one of them. It changed the course of background and it established that you can’t buy from people who don’t have money. You either must find a way to get compensated to them or perhaps you have to allow them to have things to restore their economic values in a very balanced geopolitical setting. You can not move production around seeking the cheapest labor markets on the world while there is an endless pool of workers that will do most something to survive and they’ll never have enough money to acquire anything the economical host nation should have left to market.

In the conclusion, you then have a continuous diminishing process certainly where an working poor class needs cheaper and cheaper prices even though the impoverished destitute classes tend not to make enough money growing their own economy proving you can not work with people who will not have money. You can use them for selfish purposes. This then provides boomerang coming back to knock get you started too. It is like your pet dog chasing its very own tail. Consumers inside the USA shop their exit of their jobs. The money spent with the retail levels quickly fans to the places the location where the products are made. The money isn’t going to stay within the USA to regrow its economy.

Who won World War 2? The American workers did. Who lost World War 2 50 years later? The American workers have. The U.S. adjusted through the most massive dislocation of workers in U.S. history with millions losing their jobs. More than 700,000 workers associated with the steel industry, over 400,000 auto workers and also over a million workers from the computer industry lost their jobs. One third of these over 55 who lost their jobs never found another. Now, workers as taxpayers pay to herald foreign auto assemblers. The State of Indiana of course things are considered, is paying Honda about 150 million dollars to take an assembly plant inside their state. This will provide 4000 new assembly jobs but recently, near to 20,000 auto parts factory workers have mislaid their jobs within the state. Taxpayers in other states have paid even more to have KIA, BMW as well as other foreign auto assemblers to make their states. Misssissippi is paying KIA 400 million dollars you can save KIA automobiles inside their state. These autos are describes to built from the USA instead of Made inside USA because the parts come from the wage slave workers in the world. The number of assembly workers to all these foreign plants is just a fraction in the workers from the existing workers in U.S. auto manufacturing plants. They also work with about half of what your vehicle workers made from the past.

Who won World War two inside final analysis?

Let us turn back in time to 1940. The USA was still being coming out in the Great Depression. Tariffs were blamed because the major cause on the depression. However the main cause in the Depression was the stock exchange crash plus the economy took this a nice touch during a time when tariffs weren’t even applicable. Free Traders today love to blame the Smooth-Hawley Tariffs because the cause on the Depression, but this bill was passed following your Stock Market crash in 1930 and not really did take hold before Roosevelt took over. Soon afterwards Roosevelt had the legal right to lower and raise Tariffs any time they want in 1934

The next phase ignited the strongest industrial might of all time. Tariffs had no part inside process. Roosevelt knew our nation cannot mobilize by semi-independent ways – mobilization were forced to come in its entirety based on many vital needs whether for that military and civilian uses. President Roosevelt had to market the war to your American people inside a sequence of actions. He started out by performing it with executive orders and schemes. Roosevelt said- what I am wanting to do is remove the dollar sign – we need for getting rid in the silly foolish dollar sign. This was very good news to England and Russia who was without much money left to battle a war.

Thus began the 1st wave of Free Trade nevertheless it was built on offering products made inside USA.
Many Americans accepted the premise thinking they might stay out on the war while accumulating our economy on the same time.

Lack of greenbacks was the most important problem from the world. The world was coming from a Great Depression. After World War 1, the allies wanted Germany being just one big farm with virtually no production capabilities. Hitler came and filled the void by making a strong military to invade other countries killing folks who were in how. In the process, Hitler demonstrated what sort of war machine can cause industrial might outside of nothing. China and Russia using a elite groups managing the masses was lacking this same capacities yet still killed millions because of their causes. They killed a lot more than Germany ever did, nevertheless the USA chose Germany being their first enemy. At duration Japan was claiming a right on the mainland to the sake of their unique economic survival. The U.S. approved their claim in the beginning from the century but reversed their agreements with Japan from the 1930s. Japan felt the U.S. betrayed them. This set takes place for Pearl Harbor. After all is said and done, it absolutely was really not a surprise attack.

Roosevelt wouldn’t want money to have in the best way. He took many aback when he was quoted saying, what I am wanting to do is to clear away the dollar sign- we need to have rid with the silly foolish old dollar sign. This also meshed while using new economic theories stating you will not owe anybody and funds if you owe yourself. On September 2, 1940, Roosevelt gave Britain 50 Navy Destroyers under his very own executive order. This violated international laws and understanding about neutrality. In essence, the U.S.A unofficially declared war on Germany on September 2, 1940.

Around duration, Roosevelt used a classic 1917 law to trade in planes to personal manufacturers for newer models while using understanding the private firms would then send the earlier model planes to Britain at no costs. Then Roosevelt took yet another step. After getting re- elected, he Congress approved the Lend-Lease Act which bypassed money problems the British and Communist Russia can have had. Right after obtaining the act passed, Roosevelt constructed a list of products we can easily lend the allies. However, out in the billions of dollars of items sent towards the allies, the U.S. was later repaid just for a fraction in the total amounts like the ten per cent on the total U.S. agricultural production that traveled to Britain and Russia. The U.S.A. also produced and supplied 50% of all munitions utilised in World War 2.

Of course, this brought prosperity to your USA. After the war, dependant on the awesome industrial power, the USA launched the Marshall Plan. This helped restore your neighborhood value added economies in Europe and Asia. If we gave Japan this vast economic boost prior to a war, there would are already really no reason with the war with Japan. Free Traders ignore nearly all of this and chant about non-existent Tariffs that broke our economy through the pre-war era if the undeclared war started years before with Roosevelt’s version of Free Trade. They chant how competition rules the action but as you may know this was not the case throughout the World War 2 era. Then and from now on it is very questionable in the event the U.S.A ever was required to compete in a very global arena. Who, what, where and when concluded we needed to compete within a global arena.

Free Trade

In China, free trade is produced possible. It is a system which allows traders to transact business without the government intervention like subsidies, tax and tariffs. There are many countries, like New Zealand and Australia that’s signed a totally free trade agreement with China.

Because Chinese backpacks are cheaper than a number of other domestic products, it is quite good to enter into this type of agreement with China to produce countries rich in standard of living, since buying or producing products off their own countries would are more expensive since the labor price is higher as compared to China’s labor cost.

There ended up arguments using the developed countries that start free trade in China concerning together with the people who will miss their jobs. But despite what most believes, China cannot manufacture everything with a low cost. For instance, China can produce toys with a low cost yet it’s the US who will manufacture computers at cheap prices. If the US and China enter into these kinds of agreement, then it is rather beneficial for both countries simply because could trade computers and toys.

Another argument may be the wage conflict between China and the civilized world. Take for example, in the US the typical wage of any person will be $10 every hour, playing with China, it is just $2 by the hour. But this argument will undoubtedly matter if each countries are involve in manufacturing something.

Who Benefited The Most From Anna Hazare’s Fast?


Anna Hazare’s campaign for a stronger Lokpal Bill and his 12-day battle against corruption has given the Opposition, mainly the BJP, to present themselves as a party which can replace the ruling coalition at the Centre. A STAR News-Nielsen survey conducted across 28 cities with close to 9000 respondents after Anna ended his 12-day long fast – has revealed that the BJP will garner 32 % of the votes across India if Lok Sabha polls were held in the near future, while the Congress will manage to win just 20 % of votes. According to the survey, the BJP has turned out to be the most favoured party across all regions – 40:27 in the north; 20:15 in the east, and 46:15 in the west – barring the south, where 20 % respondents still prefer the Congress, while 16 % prefer the BJP.

The numbers mentioned above is in stark contrast to the ones that came out in a similar survey conducted by STAR News-Nielsen in May 2011 – before the Anna movement gripped the country’s imagination. Barely four months ago, was the Congress leading the pack with 30 % of the vote share while BJP had only 23 %. Also, except the west, the Congress was leading in all the current Lok Sabha, Congress has 207 seats and BJP has 115 seats. Anna’s movement, and the way the UPA government handled the situation, seems to have swayed a number of people who voted for Congress during last General election – around 11 % of the respondents who voted for the Congress last time now intend to vote for the BJP, while only 5 % are switching away from the BJP. Throughout Anna Hazare’s campaign, several UPA leaders, most vocally Kapil Sibal, had said that a few thousand people supporting Anna, do not represent a country of 1.2 billion.

They even challenged his team members to prove its legitimacy in the elections. But if they were to contest elections against Team Anna members tomorrow, the politicians would be in for a surprise. In a Kiran Bedi vs Kapil Sibal contest, 74 % of respondents in the STAR News-Nielsen survey would vote for the iconic former IPS officer, while Sibal would manage just 14 %. Similarly, a contest between Arvind Kejriwal and P Chidambaram would end up in a defeat for the home minister – 58 % of the respondents claim they will vote for the RTI activist while 24 % would choose Chidambaram. Interestingly, the Anna campaign has given the country a brand new youth icon. Around 62 % of the respondents feel that Arvind Kejriwal, the most vocal member has as the new role model for young India. He has significantly higher approval ratings in north (75 %). Respondents however do not lay the blame for corruption on the doors of any particular political party – a third of respondents (75 %) believe that all parties are equally responsible for corruption. Another 49 % of the respondents believe that feels that giving or accepting bribe is in the fabric of the country and it cannot be stopped by people in India. A similar number – 46 % – believe that corruption can be stopped if people unite against it.