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The Last Days Of America

In studying American history it’s possible to conclude that through the darkest hours in the American Revolution there needed been Divine intervention that guided General Washington to persevere and in the end triumph in securing victory to the United States. In many instances when all hope appeared to be lost the revolution was saved not merely by the shrewd and calculating determination of Washington but a better power that enabled the United States to get rid of adversity under fire.

In the ensuing years much has evolved since our humble beginning. That Divine intervention that steadied the hands of the Founding Fathers continues to be cast aside from the greed of individual. One has to wonder though about man’s instinct. Is it once individuals are in a position of chance to try and grow in control of that power? And, does power always corrupt the consumer in authority thinking about the times of today? Sad to say in lots of instances for more than 45 years we’ve been witness to unparallel corruption in this governmental officials. The Divine guidance continues to be lost in obscurity this also nation is constantly on the flounder in troubled waters.

The integrity and unselfish character of Washington helped forge what America became. Other men like Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and John Adams embodied the greatness of your new nation. As we at the end from the second decade on the 21st century Americas greatness has withered on that vine of lost opportunities. From the very last 148 numerous disingenuous policies and devoid of the slightest concern to the American public the erosion of Americas greatness is practically complete. The blindness of a lot of to see and also the willingness to take what is is constantly on the accelerate the U.S. departure from greatness to mediocrity.

We have forsaken this nation. Too many in our rights happen to be stripped away. They happen to be turned into privileges that any of us always have to repay. This nation has truly lost it’s way. The individuals we elect to represent us a great number of times we’ve chosen unwisely. And, a lot of times the ones that could make an improvement have always been denied the chance do so.

By all indications have pointed that the the last era of America are for us. When we have now an Administration and lots of members of Congress incompetent at altering the course of this nation will be the reality we face today. Gone include the character and integrity that typified the moral compass this nation had over two hundred years ago.

Like all great nations through-out history they’ve got never lasted. A striking parallel between your great power of Ancient Rome would be the fact that for some time Rome would have been a Democracy, which is up until time of Julius Caesar. It was Julius Caesar though that established an excellent example of political rule of any charismatic strongman whose rationale will be the need to rule by force, establishing a violent social order this will let you regime involving a substantial military role in government. We can experience a distinct correlation between Julius Caesar the other Donald Trump. When Julius Caesar entered power was the start from the decline on the Roman Empire.

The similarities between both men is simply too apparent to ignore. And if Trump remains in power the hand writing is around the wall, kind of speaking, that the final days of America are typical readily for us. We people have to be aware that history does repeat with outcomes akin to the past. That is unless we now have the courage to understand how we can adjust the course this nation is on. There is the best way to do this. But, the resolve to do play the reforms to correct the course this nation is on has not yet been displayed.

Education is necessary. For with no knowledge to comprehend the reforms needed we’re going to remain helpless which nation will succumb to history. National Economic Reform’s Ten Articles of Confederation points the best way so which the history from the United States won’t fall pray to become another victim of when great nations become a victim of history repeating.