Articles from February 2019

That Higher Plateau

When nobody listens currently where temperatures keep rising and tempers flare signifies that mankind is not any where near capable of healing the wounds inflicted by mortal men. Today, the world is ruled from the unquenchable thirst for power, control, and wealth by people who find themselves blinded by their particular greed. When on a single listens to reasoning or logic, when no person responds with compassion during times of crisis, and when no person who will make a difference in a lot of lives through acts of kindness, benevolence and humanity, will be the reality individuals times.

The constant evolving of technologies that could be used for the betterment of person still is to often delayed, cost prohibitive, hoarded, and otherwise employed for the destructive side of individual. The greed of some knows no bounds. Through-out history mankind may be both the beneficiaries of innovative technologies and have been casualties of how man has misused those technologies. Great inventions which have changed the form of the globe and other inventions which have been used not for your greater good of mankind but to inflame the world for selfish gain.

Someone once declared that everyone at some stage in their life has something so profound to express, write or create that might astound the world. Their ability to convey thoughts and expressions that might elevate all mankind to a higher plateau are very often not seen, read or heard. Fallen on the deaf ears and blind eyes of people who stand to loose their tight grip on the status-quo is really a lot the reality of today. Too often individuals are caught in the whirlwind of every day existence even though the power players purposely keep those who shown an expert to improve the status-quo from ever reaching people. And, people’s fixation that only those with wealth or in positions of power would be the only ones effective at such profound works will continue to prevent humanity from reaching that higher plateau.

Sadly, today the planet is being denied the instruments where our lives and livelihoods will be enriched. Purposely denied by way of a power elite that cares not for your public’s welfare. For years it has become their overwhelming need to reap more power, control and wealth containing scuttled any attempt by those persons who through their own volition created that something and when given the chance would benefit every one of mankind.

Today, so few are listening or seeing the ways by which humanity can rise to that particular higher plateau. This, whenever we have a media and lots of in government unwilling and incompetent at seeing just what certain people are trying to do. And, only if we had access or had the oppertunity to listen to those individuals who have created the means to enrich our way of life our world will be a much better place had we been able to do so.

As it stands today with the world filled with chaos too much in our attention is concentrated not on people who have that something essential and relevant but around the trivialities of meaningless legislation, aka the boarder wall or some other government policy that supercedes any endeavor that will allow more of people to be informed that there is indeed a better means for us all to succeed in that higher plateau.