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Harry Reid Follower of Satan?


Harry Reid Follower of Satan? by David Cunningham The question has been poised to me on several occasions is Harry Reid a follower of Satan, you know the Evil One , Lucifer, the Devil. Personally I never liked the mans politics but to be a follower of Satan? Let’s look at the facts. We know that Harry Reid is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, commonly refered to as the Mormons. The name of the church alone suggest that they are Christians not Satanist. Who else are Mormons within the public eye Mitt Romney, Glenn Beck are two but there is a whole list in Congress and the Senate and House, we have Bob Bennett, Michael Crapo, Orin Hatch,Gordon Smith are in the senate in the house we have Robert Bishop, Leonard Boswell, Christopher Cannon, John Doolittle, Jeff Flake, Dean Heller, Walter Herger,James Matheson, Howard “Buck” McKeon, Michael Simpson, Thomas Udall. Why do people think Harry Reid is a follower of Satan and not all these other politicians who are members of the same church? What is it that Harry Reid is doing that is irritating the public for them to come to such a conclusion or for them to even ask the question? As I began to research this information about Harry Reid one of the things Harry Reid kept saying is most of his criticism came from other members within his church, OK, why would that be? Could it be that since they all (Mormons)have the same fundamental belief system when one member deviates from it you draw fire from the others , or could it be that Harry Reid is on a higher spiritual level than the general membership of the church and has received some kind of revelation from God to enact the kind of legislation that he has for the betterment of the population Mormon non-Mormon alike. Maybe Harry Reid really is his brothers keeper.

So to really understand Harry Reid’s thinking let’s look at his belief within his own religion. A religion in which he claims he is in good standing with. The Mormon church teaches that we are placed on this earth to make choices it is our God given right to have the freedom to choose. Even before this earth life it is taught within the Mormon church that there was a war in Heaven as you can read in King James version Revelations 12:7-9 a disagreement and two plans came forward and where presented before the body of Heaven one by Christ which entailed freedom of choice and one by Satan or the Devil which entailed no choice but forces us to live according to Satan’s law. It is taught that God our Heavenly Father choose Christ’s plan then kicked Satan and his followers out of heaven. There are some moral issues that the Mormon Church takes a very hard stand on. We will briefly review the main ones. Rules are accepted as guidelines for members to help them make their life better, but remember the Mormon church teaches free agency, that is part of their plan of Happiness “it is through our choices that brings either Happiness or Misery to our lives”. The Mormons believe in the Ten Commandments as presented by Moses, The Mormon church teaches it is a sin to have sex outside of the bounds of marriage, and the Mormon Church is pro-life.

The Mormon Church believes members should pay a tithe or 10% of your increase as stated in Malachi 3:8 In general terms this is the basis Harry Reid was taught along with millions of others. So why are so many people upset with Harry Reid? Some say they don’t agree with Harry Reid on the health care bill that leaves funding in there for abortions. Harry has said and I quote “I oppose abortion except in cases of rape,incest or when there is a threat to the life of the mother” It sounds like he is in step with his church beliefs, but out of step with his parties beliefs. Could it be that’s why Harry Reid author a bill within the health care bill that would permit taxpayer funding of abortions. Well we know from his church beliefs he Harry Reid is free to choose what he wants to legislate. Within the Mormon church a law was instituted in April 23 1834, called The United Order. “to be a united order, and an everlasting order for the benefit of my church,and for the salvation of men until I come”This United Order was to equal out the inequalities between the rich and the poor. Balance the social injustice between the haves and the have nots. Sound familiar. Sounds like redistribution of wealth to me.

God has always admonished us to take care of the poor, that’s what the United Order stands for, but some feel it is a form of socialism in fact Wikipedia says United Order is a form of Christian communism. This United Order was instituted in the Mormon church but had a short life span since the people could not stick with the program. Harry Reid are you trying to establish a United Order on the people of America? What is the difference between the United Order and Socialism? In my Webster s II 1995 dictionary it defines Socialism: ” A social system in which the producers posses political power and the means of producing and distributing goods, the theory or practice of those who support such a social system,construction of the material base for Marxist- Leninist communism under the dictatorship of proletariat. In my Black’s Law dictionary socialism is defined as “any theory or system of social organization which would abolish, entirely or in great part, the individual effort and competition on which modern society rests,and substitute for it co-operative action, would introduce a more perfect and equal distribution of products of labor,and would make land and capital, as instruments and means of production, the joint possession of the members of the community.

Blacks definition clearly states that you will loose private property rights. In a Webster’s New International Dictionary 2nd ed. dated 1951 you get this definition,”A political and economical theory of social organization based on the collective or governmental ownership and the democratic management of the essential means for the production and distribution of goods; also a policy or practice based on this theory.” This version sounds more like what is happening today verses the former “the collective” “governmental ownership” Obama talks about the collective all the time. George Bernard Shaw was a noted Fabian Socialist. Shaw stated this “Socialism reduced to its simplest legal and practical expression, means the complete discarding of the institution of private property by transforming it into public property and the division of the resultant income equally and indiscriminately among the entire population” Carl Marx and Friedrich Engels are considered the starting point in modern day regarding the socialism movement when they drafted the “Communist Manifesto” We now have many socialistic/communist groups as demonstrated by the One Nation rally on 10/10/2010. Communism is socialism but it is persused by revolutionary means, almost always by using force or terror. Socialist belief in the collective control of ownership and production, Communist the same, the difference is Socialist will try to reach that control through policy getting politicians to write laws to further their agenda sometimes laws that don’t even make sense to us but have a long term or a much bigger picture once all pieces are in place. So whether it is a Communist or a Fabian or any other style of Socialism they all have have these things in common which they advocate. According to the Mormon church the United Order is the Lords program for eliminating the inequalities among men, based on the belief that all things in and on the earth belong to the Lord and that when men hold earthly possessions they are stewards for those possessions and accountable to God. To enter into the United Order when it was being tried one had to consecrate or give all his possessions s to the Church by a “covenant and a deed” which could not “Be Broken” a covenant is a promise. So a person completely divested himself of all his property by conveying it to the church. Now this was VOLUNTARY. After divesting himself or giving all to the church the church would then give back to the consecration or he would receive a STEWARDSHIP by conveyance. This stewardship could be more or less the the original consecration, so this allowed each person to be equal according to their family and according to his circumstances, wants and needs.

This process preserved in every man the right to private ownership and management of his property. At anytime he could abandoned the property sell it or pass it on to heirs. The idea was for him to keep the property provide for his family needs and then anything he produced above his needs give to the church to help the poor until their (the poor) needs where met. The principles are very simple to understand. Let’s compare the two and see what the similarities and basic difference are. Similarities of the United Order and Socialism /Communism 1.Both deal with production and distribution of goods. 2.Both aim to promote the well-being of mankind, by leveling the economic field 3.Both in-vision the elimination of selfish motives in the private capitalist industrial system The differences between the two. The cornerstone of the United Order is a belief in God and acceptance of him as the Lord of the earth and author of the United Order. Socialism purely materialistic, and founded by the principles of man not of God. “Although not all socialist may not be atheist, none of them in theory or practice seek the Lord to establish his righteousness” quoted by Marion G. Romney Of the Council of the Twelve Apostles in 1966 of the Mormon Church which Harry Reid is a member of, so Harry do you believe in what Marion G. Romney stated? An Apostle of God as authorized from your church. The United Order is implemented by VOLUNTARY choice to give free -will because men believed in God. Thus the United Order preserves man ‘s God given agency to choose and to own property. United Order is non-political. The United Order lift the poor from poverty and at the same time humbles the rich. Socialism/Communism will take either by deed (force)or through high taxation or regulation. Socialism/communism deprives men of private property ownership. Socialism is political both in theory and practice. Socialism argues that it as a system will eliminate the evils of profit motives, those greedy rich people that got rich through our capitalistic system. Socialism/Communism empowers a few.

As quoted from John Adams our first Vice President and our second President of The United States “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Dishonesty will eventually destroy all political governments that try to abridge man’s free agency as granted from his Creator as these inspired words from Thomas Jefferson stated in our Declaration of Independence.”We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty (freedom) and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” Rights are either God � given as part of a divine plan or they are politically driven a political plan and granted from government. If we believe rights are given from government than we also have to be willing to accept the fact those rights can be taken away by the same government that granted them. People are greater than government and more superior in every form. Since we get our Rights from God, people than form a government to help them preserve those rights and safeguard them.

So people will always be superior to the creature (government) they created.A Constitution was therefore designed to limit government to certain enumerated functions, and anything beyond that is tyranny The Mormon church teaches that God established the Constitution of this land by the “hands of wise men whom I raised up unto this very purpose”.and it is presupposes mans untrammeled exercise of free agency. Man is on the earth to be tested. Weather man succeeds or fails will determine how he uses his agency. Mankind’s whole future through all eternity is at stake. Eliminate a man’s agency and the whole purpose of his mortality is thwarted. “This is a blessed land( USA) were God inspired men to write the Constitution “so that man would have a place on the earth were at least there is one place that free agency is practiced. So if that is the belief of the Mormon Church that this is a blessed land and that God inspired our founding fathers to write the Constitution then anything else would have to be against the will of God.

If Harry Reid is a practicing Mormon then he would have to do everything in his power as a legislator to preserve the Constitution and principles. With that understanding, now you can see in other countries where socialism/communism is very strong but Mormons live and do what they can do under those circumstances, but in this country socialism/communism is not acceptable. In a country that was preserved to bring about freedom. Ronald Reagan said” Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream.

It must be fought for,protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” So it comes down to two points again free agency to choose as provides by our Constitution or Socialism/Communism giving up our free agency through entitlements and government programs. Is Harry Reid a follower of Satan? Harry Reid has chosen. Harry Reid knows what his Church teaches and their principles, unlike Obama who claims he never listened during church It appears Harry Reid wants to govern against the teachings of his own church and against the will of the people. So in my humble opinion Harry Reid has lost his moral compass from the basic things he was taught in his own church and has chosen to follow Satan, thus trying to enslave us American Citizens who have a birthright given to them from God the Almighty to be a free people and to choose for ourselves. Harry Reid has traded his “exaltation” for a few silver coins just as Judas’s betrayal of Jesus Christ, Harry Reid has betrayed not only his church and fellow members but the American people. For all your actions Harry Reid this makes you a dirtbag. Dirt bag Harry this is what WE THE PEOPLE are going to do on November 2, are going to ablerate the democrat party figuratively speaking at the polls. November is coming quickly. For more on Harry Reid go to