The 4th of July – Co-opted?, Preempted?, Sold Out? A Set Up?, Probably..


The 4th of July – Co-opted?, Preempted?, Sold Out? A Set Up?, Probably…..

by Chylon on Jun.13, 2009, under Uncategorized The effect the Tea Parties on April 15th, last, was phenomenal.� There were many people (1000’s) from all parties involved in agreement about what is happening in our Country today.� It was a peaceful demonstration of United States of American Citizens who were disgusted with what is happening in Politics, with our Political Leaders, and our Government.� Everyone involved knew that only Fox News reported the events with any semblance of accuracy.� Most reporting was a damned lie and those who were there, knew it! It is a good thing that the disgust and contempt for what is being perpetrated wasn’t only for a day.� The momentum is continuing to build and grow as it needs and MUST do.� People are passionate about what’s happening and want to continue to do something about our government forcing Socialism down our throats! That said, these 4th of July events have already been preempted by State and Local Governments, Big Business, and Socialist Media because they have control of the facilities, speakers, the audience and they have all the necessary resources and money to maintain control.� They are prepared to deal with all eventualities because they see them coming.� They are not going to get ‘stung’ like they did on the 15th of April.� They didn’t have enough information then to deal with it in totality and foreclose on the Citizens involved.� They do now! Socialist Media coverage will choose to focus on people coming for a 4th of July Holiday party rather than pay attention to the Tea Party efforts.� At best, it will be a ten to one ratio against the Tea Party efforts; at worst, a total mockery!� The historical significance of July 4th and the Tea Party efforts will generally be ignored and treated as though those involved were a nuisance or the instigators of violence. What little coverage the Socialist Media will accord the Tea Parties will spare no effort to find and film those few who are the easiest to discredit – whether by appearance, lack of presentation skills, or misinformation.� This Socialist misinformation campaign will be the type of coverage for each and every Government-recognized/sponsored holiday into the foreseeable future. Don’t be surprised if due to the funding of these events from Government, with Big Business sponsorship, combined with the all powerful eye of Socialist Media, there will be planted inciters to deliberately foment violence.� The media coverage of such will further discredit the protests/protesters and we’ll have more laws enacted against the Citizenry to prevent the Citizenry from engaging in the future.� The average person ignorant of these Socialist endeavors will be deliberately manipulated into siding with the Socialist Government against the Citizenry because of the Lies that will be spewed about any activity.� Good Citizens are going to suffer all manner of suffering.� Rest assured, any and all such provoked episodes will be prime coverage AGAINST Good Citizens, Tea Party Members or not, labeled as Tea Partyists come the 2010 mid-term elections to further manipulate results! So, if any choose to go to this 4th of July Celebration or any event, be on your guard with an ever watchful eye.� If you go, learn from this to prevent future losses.� In addition to keeping an ever-vigilant eye on the Constitution and what it takes to restore it, learn the art of warfare and incorporate the techniques.� Read Sun Tsu’s (sometimes spelled Tzu) The Art of War and other warfare strategies and incorporate them.� Pay attention to and learn from the Veterans, and in particular the ones who have been on the front lines, they are experienced.� They’ve been there; done that! While this might be devastating news/information to some people because so many resources have already been expended on the 4th of July endeavors, learn from The Art of War – be unpredictable!� This event was too predictable.� The Socialist enemy is fully capable of taking advantage of the predictability and they will again in the future each and every time!

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“We should BOYCOTT ALL GOVERNMENT FUNDED 4th of July “rhetoric” Celebrations!!! Let the hypocrites set up the firework displays and have no one show up to wow them. The government is for the people and by the people & not the other way around!”

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What is AAMS and How to Recognize Sites for Legal Bets

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I Am Sort of Playing the Vulture

My boss claims that I have a talent for it, although it is certainly not a pleasant way to earn a living. For the past few months I have been working for a strike off company in Singapore. If you do not know what that means, then I would have been right there with you before I started out. In essence it is a matter of taking a failing company and figuring out what to do with the assets. Obviously the problem here is that you have people in the middle of that. It is not so uncommon to find people who expected to have pensions after working in the same place for a couple of decades. In theory that does not have a thing to do with me, except that my boss decided to send me to this part of his small empire and make me do his dirty work.

Why Money Is Failing

Anything introduced by man carries a short life before it fades away, and funds is no exception. Invented for trade and so the wealth of those that made it their god they become so attached which it occupies their mind constantly. That means they’ve got no room for hearing the Spirit voice within them, and in addition they suffer the results. As their wealth grows many die horrible deaths from incurable diseases, suicide, or some other.

The world’s economic future has become dire as manipulation of currencies etc take priorities. Wars are about money and power and that we are rapidly arriving at a major confrontation which will see the entire world change as nothing you’ve seen prior.

Already with climatic change, scarcity of water, draught, famine, disease, as well as other things mounting pressure on countries in addition to their economy the very last thing it required became a war on trade. How will that enjoy in the light on the other problems the entire world faces?

The only place financial resources are generated originates from the environment. Whether its crops replacing forests, or animals targeted for food or pleasure, nothing over it is good for our planet. Mining minerals, oil, gas, and also other things is depleting air of oxygen while causing CO2 to dominate the atmosphere.

Overfishing of oceans as well as the inexcusable destruction of unwanted species is horrendous. The wastage of excesses is disgusting as you move the extinction of types of animals and plants the main benefit of which is not yet understood is horrifying. Yet man continues on his destruction as they does not know and perchance cannot now live without money.

While its initial purpose was trade it may be so entrenched within our lives we are motivated to pay for almost everything we be determined by to survive. That forces everyone to earn it or visit it in most other way. So how long could we survive by it?

The reality it that countries are actually so corrupt that this governments are syphoning from the profits and the ones are starving. This is found in several place as being the rest from the world watches. In some regions so-called civil wars rage on as populations flee while seeking refuge and safety. As they go a lot of their numbers fall and die.

Money could be the root of corruption and criminality and, like religion, it’s very entrenched inside the human psyche that simply complete annihilation on the species can certainly it. That is rapidly going to fruition as the earth struggles to thrive, people die of their millions, even so the birth rate overtakes diet plan deaths by millions more. That is why budgets are failing since it is a death sentence humans have inflicted upon themselves.

The Last Days Of America

In studying American history it’s possible to conclude that through the darkest hours in the American Revolution there needed been Divine intervention that guided General Washington to persevere and in the end triumph in securing victory to the United States. In many instances when all hope appeared to be lost the revolution was saved not merely by the shrewd and calculating determination of Washington but a better power that enabled the United States to get rid of adversity under fire.

In the ensuing years much has evolved since our humble beginning. That Divine intervention that steadied the hands of the Founding Fathers continues to be cast aside from the greed of individual. One has to wonder though about man’s instinct. Is it once individuals are in a position of chance to try and grow in control of that power? And, does power always corrupt the consumer in authority thinking about the times of today? Sad to say in lots of instances for more than 45 years we’ve been witness to unparallel corruption in this governmental officials. The Divine guidance continues to be lost in obscurity this also nation is constantly on the flounder in troubled waters.

The integrity and unselfish character of Washington helped forge what America became. Other men like Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and John Adams embodied the greatness of your new nation. As we at the end from the second decade on the 21st century Americas greatness has withered on that vine of lost opportunities. From the very last 148 numerous disingenuous policies and devoid of the slightest concern to the American public the erosion of Americas greatness is practically complete. The blindness of a lot of to see and also the willingness to take what is is constantly on the accelerate the U.S. departure from greatness to mediocrity.

We have forsaken this nation. Too many in our rights happen to be stripped away. They happen to be turned into privileges that any of us always have to repay. This nation has truly lost it’s way. The individuals we elect to represent us a great number of times we’ve chosen unwisely. And, a lot of times the ones that could make an improvement have always been denied the chance do so.

By all indications have pointed that the the last era of America are for us. When we have now an Administration and lots of members of Congress incompetent at altering the course of this nation will be the reality we face today. Gone include the character and integrity that typified the moral compass this nation had over two hundred years ago.

Like all great nations through-out history they’ve got never lasted. A striking parallel between your great power of Ancient Rome would be the fact that for some time Rome would have been a Democracy, which is up until time of Julius Caesar. It was Julius Caesar though that established an excellent example of political rule of any charismatic strongman whose rationale will be the need to rule by force, establishing a violent social order this will let you regime involving a substantial military role in government. We can experience a distinct correlation between Julius Caesar the other Donald Trump. When Julius Caesar entered power was the start from the decline on the Roman Empire.

The similarities between both men is simply too apparent to ignore. And if Trump remains in power the hand writing is around the wall, kind of speaking, that the final days of America are typical readily for us. We people have to be aware that history does repeat with outcomes akin to the past. That is unless we now have the courage to understand how we can adjust the course this nation is on. There is the best way to do this. But, the resolve to do play the reforms to correct the course this nation is on has not yet been displayed.

Education is necessary. For with no knowledge to comprehend the reforms needed we’re going to remain helpless which nation will succumb to history. National Economic Reform’s Ten Articles of Confederation points the best way so which the history from the United States won’t fall pray to become another victim of when great nations become a victim of history repeating.

Deception, Treason, And Assassination

In this coming election many ask precisely what does the United States are a symbol of today? The ideals that America was founded on were no time before combined… Liberty, justice, education, and morality these four principles were the foundation that our democracy was founded on. But, in 1871 our core principles were basically stripped away by treasonous acts by your own Congress. There have already been many scholars who question the validity of the the Act of 1871 did to your United States. Yet, there’s undeniable truth how the Act of 1871 was obviously a direct consequence of the money changers affect Congress to deceive the American public. Too many of us from the time that 1871 haven’t realized which our own government is a Corporation manufactured by the Act of 1871. Reference to Art. 1, 8, cl. 17. firmly stipulates that this government in the United States become a Corporation where citizens rights became privileges. This act turned a nation of sovereign individuals right into a nation of servitude. One has to wonder why the American public have already been deceived and oblivious to what your own government has been doing and continues to do to your American public.

To completely understand the magnitude of deception, lies, and outright fraud of any treasonous act perpetrated within the American public is always to retrace how and why Congress was inclined to secure the Act of 1871. The year was 1860 Abraham Lincoln just became President along with the Union was within the verge of the truly great Civil War. One with the darkest periods inside our nations history was only beginning. But, that had been not really the start in the nations troubles. Back when Andrew Jackson stopped the charter with the Bank of America was the starting of one from the greatest financial grabs ever. We have to keep in mind that soon afterward there were an assassination attempt on Andrew Jackson. Some point out which the attempt was because Jackson refused the Bank of Americas charter.

In 1863 Junius Morgan who had previously been already established with George Peabody and Company a London based Merchant Bank that was associated with all the Rothschild’s Bank Of England showed the New York office of J.S. Morgan. With combined offices in London plus New York J.S. Morgan became just about the most influential loan companies in the United States. Together using the Bank of New York they continued to loan cash with interest towards the Government on the United States.

The European bankers namely the Rothschild’s realized how the United States was an emerging financial opportunity. But, to be able gain a foothold to regulate the currency from the United States that they had to create a way how the U.S. am in debt it had no choice but to look the Bank of England along with the Rothschild’s for necessary loans. In 1860, England was sympathetic towards the Southern cause. The increased tensions relating to the North and South finally reached the stage that no return and hostilities finally erupted sending the United States in to the most horrific civil war. Many point out that this Civil War was much more about financial control because of the Rothschild’s along with the Morgans personal computer was about freeing the slaves.

For Abraham Lincoln though, his troubles plus the nations began almost when he took office. By 1862 congress repealed the flat tax and instead established the fact that was to become the idea of the complex tax system that individuals have today. A more progressive tax structure putting more of any burden for the less wealthy. Another difficulty was the National Bank Act of 1862. This act let banks become national for the reason that they are charted with the Federal Government and authorized to issue interest bearing notes secured by Government bonds similar as to the Alexander Hamilton did following Revolutionary War inside the creation from the First Bank of America. Passage on this bill ensured a market to the Federal Debt considering that the new National Banks would certainly be required to buy those bonds. The National Bank Act meant which the U.S. money supply will be from then on created debt free.

Had the National Bank Act failed to feed, Congress would’ve benefited the American public currently of great uncertainty. Look what actually transpired in 2008 while using Federal Reserve Bank running the show. Millions of our citizens suffered great financial loss. All the Federal Reserve does is loan money for the government at interest. What drives up our national debt higher are privately owned banks, the Federal Reserve, as well as a nation that is still engaged in armed conflicts anywhere from the world. It was Lincoln that stressed “Money is really a creature of Law plus the original issue needs to be maintained from the exclusive monopoly of national government. the Government should stand behind it’s currency, credit, and bank deposits with this nation. No individual should suffer a loss of revenue of money through depreciation or inflated currency or bank bankruptcy;”

The London Times in 1863 who favored the Bank of England’s monetary policies wrote, “If that mischievous financial policy, which have it’s origin inside North American Republic, should become indurate right down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish it’s own money without cost. It will pay back debts and also be without a debt. It will have all the bucks necessary to keep on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent from the history in the civilized government with the world. The brains plus the wealth of each of the countries goes to North America. That government have to be destroyed or it’ll destroy every monarchy within the globe.” The wealth from the United States is within the hands with the private bankers not the American public. It is no wonder the English were seeking to help the Confederacy. When Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 the British populace quietly withdrew their support in the Confederacy while Russia grew more supportive from the Union cause which helped the North and Lincoln preserve the Union.

Repealing the greenback law and passage in the National Bank Act resulted in all national banks were to be privately owned plus the national bank notes they issued were to be interest bearing. The National Bank Act also provided how the greenbacks be returned at the earliest opportunity as they came back inside payment of taxes. A hundred years later the United States Treasury Department computed the quantity of interest that would are already paid if 400 million dollars would have already been borrowed at interest rather then being issued from the Treasury Department as Abraham Lincoln initially did. Because on the greenback resolution the United States Government saved $4 billion in interest. President Lincoln followed the interpretation from the United States Constitution with the government creating its money 0 % interest.

In 1864 Lincoln’s opposition for the central banks financial control is documented. He knew the dangers of the money loaned for the government with interest would have within the overall economy. The plot to assassinate Lincoln revolved throughout the fact that this high financiers couldn’t gain complete control over monetary policy with Lincoln as President. Had Lincoln lived he would’ve done what Andrew Jackson did and remove the national banks monopoly. When history tells around the tragic death of Abraham Lincoln they don’t explain which the money changers such as the Rothschild’s the Morgan’s etc. desperately wished to gain access to Americas monetary policies. Though no direct involvement in Lincoln’s assassination because of the Rothschild’s or Morgan’s was ever substantiated one cannot help feel that others working on their behalf and theirs had devised the plot to lose Lincoln and Andrew Johnson.

It was right following the civil War the Bank of England along with European Bankers convinced or should we say bribed folks Congress how the Constitutional monetary system that Lincoln briefly used would not be from the nations interest. So in 1866 Congress passed the Contraction Act and recalled the many Greenbacks that Lincoln set up circulation. Congress while using full cooperation of the finance institutions like the Bank of New York or J.S. Morgan gave the American public the dream they can be better off while using the gold standard financial institutions used to master the swings of economic instability. All they did was get in touch with existing loans refused to issue brand new ones which caused the depression on the late 1860’s.

By now the major banks realized the importance on the media in securing the further development of their control on the U.S. economy. They spread the word that this lack of any single gold standard was the cause with the depression every one of the while used the Contraction Act to reduce the amount of capital in circulation. In 1866 there were $1.8 billion in circulation by 1871 there seemed to be only below $.5 billion. In truth when many economists tell the American public that recessions and depressions are part in the natural flow of economies the bucks supply is still controlled using a very small small number of that have always succeeded in doing so and will continue doing so if we permit them to.
By 1871 the United States was cash strapped. Needed funds with the debts on the Civil War and had to reverse the downward spiral from the continuing economic troubles. The Bank of England would only lend the essential funds if Congress passed the Act of 1871. We have to mention that in 1787 the “Constitution for that United States of America” was signed. In 1871 within the Act of 1871 the main Constitution was changed to “THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” To this day, the American public are already deceived into convinced that THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA was an original. In truth, the main constitution that guaranteed our freedoms and inherent rights was suddenly stripped away with what Congress did once they fell in bed together with the European bankers and signed our freedoms away with all the creation on the Act of 1871.

The Act of 1871 launched a city state the District of Columbia from the heart of Washington. In introduction of this district a completely independent Constitution was conceived. That could be the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA that today is recognized as the main. But, it’s not. With the passage on the Act of 1871, the organic Constitution was change from the word of these replaced the term for. The corporation called THE UNITED STATES now was of European bankers. THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA would be the constitution with the incorporated UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. THE UNITED STATES INC. now operates in a fiscal capacity and has since that time duped the population into thinking it governs the republic.

When letters are capitalized it is rather significant when one is the term for a legal document. This alteration has brought a major effect on every subsequent generation of Americans. What our Congress did in 1871 was create a totally new constitution for your government with the District of Columbia, an INCORPORATED government which only benefits this provider of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. What this means is that since 1871 rather than having absolute and unalienable rights that have been guaranteed within the original Constitution, we people those rights have changed into privileges. A good example could be the sovereign to certainly travel which under corporate policy implies that right is now become a privilege which requires that you be licensed. The passage on the Act of 1871 Congress did actually commit treason contrary to the people in the United States have been sovereign beneath the grants and decrees with the organic Constitution.

In 1872, Ernest Seyd on the Bank of England bribed people in Congress into stop the minting of Silver. The Coinage Act passed by Congress effectively stopped the circulation of silver coins and also 1873 gold was really the only form of coin money used. By 1876, with more than 30 percent with the work force unemployed the American public pointed out that silver backed money and greenbacks were necessary to ease auto recession the united states was in. We again need to realize the lessons learned from history. Without money civilization could hardly have had a first time and with a diminishing supply it is going to languish in desperation and unless relieved civilization as we know it is going to perish.

In 1877, the nation was immersed in another recession where riots broke out all in the country. The banks a reaction to this crisis were to do nothing. Meanwhile James Buel the American Bankers Association Secretary wrote fellow members from the Bankers Association, “It is sensible to do all inside your power to oppose the greenback issue of paper money and withhold patronage coming from all applicants whorrrre not willing to oppose government entities issue of capital. To repeal the Act creating bank notes or restore to circulation the us govenment issue of greenbacks will seriously affect our individual profits as bankers and lenders.” With that letter he convinced folks congress to oppose any make an effort to government issue of currency.

When James Garfield became President in 1881, he pointed out that whoever controls the volume of capital in any country controls its industry and commerce. When Garfield publicly stated his opposition as to the the banks keep doing and state the entire monetary technique is controlled with a few inside of a week Garfield was assassinated.

The Act of 1871 had and really has serious implications not only about the individual citizens whose rights were stripped away, but about the lives which could have made a massive difference inside the daily lives of your deceived public but were removed by conspirators who showed no remorse in keeping the amount of money changers strangle hold more than a depressed nation. In 1963 President Kennedy who enjoy Jackson, Lincoln and Garfield realized the dangers the bucks changers possessed became another victim on the length the bucks changers goes to keep their tight grip with a nation. In 2012, there seemed to be an try and repeal the Act of 1871 but, the tight grip of current monetary policies prevented the attempt from ever which makes it out of committee. Remember, if we allow them to! The money changers continues to thwart any seek to change the status-quo.

We The People

Most from the nations troubles stem from the past. The truth is directly in front of people if only we’d realize what has actually happened. America’s problems might be solved when we pay attention to your history.

History is stuffed with facts that happen to be too often ignored, deemed not credible or otherwise not dismissed. But, whenever we fail to understand that certain events before just may have far reaching consequences but done nothing well let’s just say we our chance but blew it. In the reputation the United States there are documents forged outside of not really necessity but purposely engineered to reinforce the powers of government. To this present day the American citizen remain trapped by government bureaucracy that’s effectively rendered each and everyone of people powerless to master our own destiny. In retracing our history it turned out during the War of 1812 which the British destroyed copies from the Titles of Nobility Amendment with the Constitution. This was done since the Titles of Nobility Amendment prevented anyone who had ties to your crown of England from holding public office from the United States. When Congress reconvened as soon as the war they never did reinstate that Titles of Nobility Amendment. A purposely omission which has had far reaching consequences extending its love to this day.

That was only the start of an extended line of abusive’s that congress has done on the American public. By passing legislation without worrying about consent on the American public the United States that the founding fathers forged isn’t recognized. When the Act of 1871 was passed hardly any was made known towards the public in particular. Had the general public realized what congress did from the passage on the Act of 1871 just maybe another civil war might have erupted. That Act striped away our inherent rights as outlined from the original Constitution. But, now those rights became privileges that those privileges required payment to your government.

It wasn’t before late 1990’s which a few in government and some inside the military realized the damage which has been performed to America incidentally congress has in the past manipulated the restructuring in our Constitution. This was all with the objective to enrich an electricity elite which has willfully committed treason. Too many folks have failed to comprehend the scope and depth from the corruption perpetrated around the American public for more than 150 years. It was to this end which the National Economic Security and Reformation Act of 2000 was planned, but never enacted.

To trace why the National Economic Security And Reformation Act was initiated is always to first realize the enormity of deception, deceit as well as treason which includes been played for the American public. To begin, to this day not many realize the Bankers Manifesto has done to your American Public. It was in 1892 that Charles Lindbergh Sr. stated ” We the bankers must proceed with caution and guard every move manufactured for the lower order of folks are already showing warning signs of restless commotion, Prudence will therefore show coverage of apparently yielding towards the popular will until our plans are very far consummated that people can declare our designs without anxiety about any organized resistance. The Farmers Alliance as well as the Knights of Labor organizations from the United States must be carefully watched by our trusted men, and now we must take immediate steps to manage these organizations in this interests or disrupt them. The courts need to be called to aid, debts have to be collected, bonds and mortgages forecloses as rapidly as it can be. When throughout the process on the law, the normal people have lost their properties, they are more tractable and easily governed throughout the influence on the strong arm from the government placed on a central power of imperial wealth in the control with the leading financiers. People without homes will not likely quarrel using leaders”

The Bankers Manifesto mentionened above previously by Charles Lindbergh Sr. is fairly profound and it has had far implications that sill hold true. 12 years following your Bankers Manifesto the Federal Reserve Act was forged not by congress but with a few surrogates of wealthiest financiers inside world. All done underneath the veil of secrecy. The Federal Reserve Act is in all likelihood the most colossal and devastating fraud ever inflicted for the American public. Yet, we always allow the Federal Reserves that’s run not with the government with the United States but by way of a cartel of international bankers that still supercede the Constitution in printing currency. What the bankers do and always do is amass vast fortunes about the interest they demand by loaning currency back to your U.S. government.

What FDR did in 1933 in signing house bill HR 1491 turned Federal Reserve Notes into fiat currency. Prior to 1933 all currency was copied by gold. All this did was create debt. When we tie within the Bankers Manifesto with US Senate Doc.No.43 in 1934 which stipulates the ultimate ownership of most property is within the State and individual ownership is by virtue on the Government we are able to begin to see why throughout the Depression as well as in every subsequent recession Banks use their powers to boost mortgage foreclosures on individual ownerships.

The long arm of obtrusive government being manipulated because of the Federal Reserve has continued to defraud everyone every chance they get. By the 1970’s there was thousands of illegal foreclosures on farms all through-out the Midwest. In every instance the farmers were defrauded through the banks with all the approval from the Federal Reserve. This was the start of why Harvey Barnard began to comprehend that important reforms needed to happen whenever we were to push away another repeat of not just the farmers claim act though the Bakersville suit the spot that the banks again attempted to fraudulently foreclose.

By the mid 1990’s certain individuals Congress aligned themselves to build what Harvey Barnard started. This was to end up being the National Economic Security and Reformation Act. An act that will remedy the injustices that contain plagued this nation for much too long. Yet, the long arm with the power elite, those few ruthless power brokers inside government as well as the Supreme Court imposed a gag order to disavow the existence in the National Economic Security and Reformation Act. When we realize what this act would do if enacted you can see wonderfully why certain individuals visits any extreme to maintain this act from ever seeing the sunlight of day.

We need to remember what are the Act of 1871 has done for the Constitution on the United States. The Act turned the Constitution from of to FOR THE UNITED STATES. That placed the United States to be a foreign entity the corporate authorities. Now, once we combine what FDR did together with the Trading together with the Enemies Act of 1933 every American at the moment are classified as enemy combatants within the federal system Known as the UNITED STATES. This is why the Reformation Act function is to undue. The Farmers Claim Act made some realize like Harvey Barnard how corrupt our federal Government had become.

In accordance with all the Jefferson Prophecy it’s our inherit straight away to through off and replace government entities and instruments of the government which have become corrupted. There have been numerous provisions provided by people Congress who have circumvented and altered the first Constitution. Today, you will find there’s behemoth, obtrusive almost totalitarian state. A state that no where near resembles the country our Founding Fathers conceived.

But, after we have a government which includes turned into oligarchy rule and know a method to end the corruption that’s ruined numerous lives and livelihoods our elected officials either won’t acknowledge it, or completely dismiss the validity than it. The power of wealth that has come to roost in every single branch of government is always to much of a temptation for way too many elected officials never to ignore.

To change what should be changed now rests with “We the individuals.” It is time we reeducate inside ourselves knowing the enormous depth of fraud and deception which has been in a position to prevent our return to the heritage that had been our birthright as outlined within the original Constitution using the 13th Amendment intact. Until every one of us understand that individuals do possess the power to change what has get to be the greatest crime purposely perpetrated within the American public by each of our government we have been doomed to endlessly suffer the consequences in our inaction.