Articles from October 2020

Is There Any Honest Politician In The House?


Our country faces numerous issues, yet so many of them could be solved with just a little foresight. Unfortunately, politicians are rewarded by getting reelected, not by offering viable long-term plans for the country. A case in point is the current status of Wall Street reforms. The largest banks have only gotten bigger since the financial crisis began – so much for addressing the “too-big-to-fail” rumblings. Plus, Wall Street quickly reestablished its propensity to pay out large bonuses to their bankers for taking speculative risks. Derivatives, which were a contributing factor in the real estate meltdown, currently stand at ten times the planet’s gross domestic product. Someone is going to get burned when those take a fall, and the taxpayer is usually the one to take the hit. Yes, there have been some small reforms. However, the bankers in Manhattan are smart enough that, when one door closes, they can always find another opening or loophole.

The old problems have most definitely not been fixed. In my own state of California, legislators just decided not to ban bribes to politicians. This was ostensibly because the state could not afford the $200,000 tab each year. The fact that paid fines would more than offset that cost seemed not to matter. Anyone with a double-digit IQ knows the real reason. Since my business is mainly real estate – I’m a mortage note buyer – I have a particular interest in how that industry is affected by government policies. Let’s see how the elected officials have done so far: The housing market needs to go through a natural market recovery, which it can do if left alone by the Feds and the states. The real estate bubble took years to build, and it will take at least that many years in which to recover to something approaching normality. If the government will stop butting in, the housing market will have a chance to catch its breath and stabilize. Community and regional banks will be more willing to lend as the volatility decreases.

For those situations where banks prefer not to tread, owner financing can pick up some of the slack. When a mortgage note (often called a real estate note) is created, a much more transparent and honest transaction occurs. The former property owner also has the flexibility to keep the mortgage note or to sell the note to a mortgage buyer. There are lots of viable solutions to the economy and housing market. The government could be part of the solution by making sure that market forces play out fairly without the big banks running roughshod over everyone else. So far, the bureaucrats have only made the problem worse, and Joe Six-pack has no clue to the long-term implications of government policies and programs. Will those few politicians who still have a brain and a heart for the country, please take control!

Milking The People, Part Two: The Plot Thickens


A recession or a slump is a shortage of money, which is created when banks refuse to supply the economy with money by tightening up on lending. To end our current slump more money must be put into circulation, which under our idiot system would be done by the banks lending more money. When banks simply refuse to lend more money we are locked into the slump and are prevented from emerging form it. The sensible solution would be for government to start printing money and spending it into circulation as a service to the community. That option is very simple, very logical but has the disadvantage of yielding no profits for the banks. Banks prosper by raking in interest on lending money they conjured out of thin air. Government seems to believe it must protect bank profits at all costs and that banks take precedence over everybody else.

It is quite acceptable for the nation’s economy to be smashed so long as the banks can continue raking in the bucks. Government long ago dropped the ball of money creation and handed that privilege over to un-elected private-profit corporations known as banks. It works like this: Let’s imagine the government is $1000 short of money and instead of just printing more and spending it, it does the “modern” thing of borrowing it from the banks. How is this borrowing done? Well, what government does is print pieces of paper with a fancy design on them. It calls these fancy pieces of paper “bonds.” �It assigns each bond a value (say, $100). �It then sells 10 of these this $100 bonds to a “financial institution” (a bank). The bank creates $1000 out of thin air (in other words, prints money) in order to buy the bonds. Later, the bonds are “redeemed,” which means the government buys them back AT INTEREST. �Essentially then, government has borrowed $1000 from the bank and repaid the loan at interest. The bank created the money it lent to government out of thin air and made a nice profit on the loan.

Okay, that’s a simplified picture but it is nevertheless the essence of what happens, stripped of its usual smoke screen of complexity and gobbledygook. It becomes obvious to anyone with an ounce of common sense that government could just as easily draw up a fancy piece of paper with “$100” on it and call it a “note” and SPEND it directly into circulation, bypassing the banks altogether. After all, if a private corporation called a BANK can create money out of nothing and spend it (by lending it to people) then why not have your elected government create it instead and SPEND it into the economy, say by grants to industry, building roads, increasing pensions or reducing taxation or whatever? In the latter case the new money is not LENT, so does not have to be repaid at interest and so does not set us up for an even greater round of borrowing a few years down the line. In this fashion the economy could be re-inflated very quickly and the money shortage eradicated without us having to grovel to the banks for the privilege of borrowing our own means of exchange from them. So why does government not do it that way? Good question. I’ll take a look at that in my next article

Online Availability of Arab News Bringing in Changes


Earlier, during the time of dictators, there were strict restrictions on the expression of views and publication of news. People had made it a habit to live a silent life. They had no right to oppose even on injustice. Arabian women were more wretched species in the country that had no right to decide even their own future. But, sooner or later, the destiny of the dark is to disappear and give way to the lights of hopes for better tomorrow. This is exactly what taking place in Arab today. The continent is experiencing the warmth of change-rays coming from all over the world, inspiring Arabian individuals, and spreading light in their lives. Thanks to the online availability of Arab news that every Arabian can access to, and share his or her views online.

It has revolutionized the whole world today and Arab is no exception. The online Arab news is reaching to every household with the excess of internet, and to every individual holding a mobile or an i-Pod. There are several online magazines of Arab people, being published for Arab people, by Arab people. This makes them aware of the political, economical developments taking shape in and out of Arab continent, and how it is affecting their social life. This awareness then forms a view in their mind, and many like-minded people get a step ahead to exchange their views through online forums available on the Arab news portals. The easy and fast process of exchanging views inspires them very much to do it.

The process doesn’t stop here. Many online magazines and news portals also provide comments from experts in every sector, which further enhances knowledge of individuals, and corrects their understanding of the affairs, if so is required. Thus it strengthens their confidence of the topic, and encourages them to participate in such events more openly. Not only men, but Arabian women are also equally participating in such online venues and registering their pros and cons towards anything which is affecting their entity.

It is true that not all parts of the continent are using internet so profusely to bring about changes but some economies have really opened door to the foreign views by allowing free access to internet. Some extremist countries are still restricting the free use of internet and any such facility which might augment the awareness of locals and challenge the dictatorship of so called leaders. However, the wave is continuously flowing on its way and it is sure to reach every nook and corner of the continent; sooner or later though. If you are an Arabian and want to share your views towards the developments in your region, join online forums available on some of the very good Arab news portal online. You can meet several people who agree with your views and they will support your views by adding their own views to it. This will provide a common platform for you to raise voice against evils and contribute to the welfare of current and coming generations.