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The 4th of July – Co-opted?, Preempted?, Sold Out? A Set Up?, Probably..


The 4th of July – Co-opted?, Preempted?, Sold Out? A Set Up?, Probably…..

by Chylon on Jun.13, 2009, under Uncategorized The effect the Tea Parties on April 15th, last, was phenomenal.� There were many people (1000’s) from all parties involved in agreement about what is happening in our Country today.� It was a peaceful demonstration of United States of American Citizens who were disgusted with what is happening in Politics, with our Political Leaders, and our Government.� Everyone involved knew that only Fox News reported the events with any semblance of accuracy.� Most reporting was a damned lie and those who were there, knew it! It is a good thing that the disgust and contempt for what is being perpetrated wasn’t only for a day.� The momentum is continuing to build and grow as it needs and MUST do.� People are passionate about what’s happening and want to continue to do something about our government forcing Socialism down our throats! That said, these 4th of July events have already been preempted by State and Local Governments, Big Business, and Socialist Media because they have control of the facilities, speakers, the audience and they have all the necessary resources and money to maintain control.� They are prepared to deal with all eventualities because they see them coming.� They are not going to get ‘stung’ like they did on the 15th of April.� They didn’t have enough information then to deal with it in totality and foreclose on the Citizens involved.� They do now! Socialist Media coverage will choose to focus on people coming for a 4th of July Holiday party rather than pay attention to the Tea Party efforts.� At best, it will be a ten to one ratio against the Tea Party efforts; at worst, a total mockery!� The historical significance of July 4th and the Tea Party efforts will generally be ignored and treated as though those involved were a nuisance or the instigators of violence. What little coverage the Socialist Media will accord the Tea Parties will spare no effort to find and film those few who are the easiest to discredit – whether by appearance, lack of presentation skills, or misinformation.� This Socialist misinformation campaign will be the type of coverage for each and every Government-recognized/sponsored holiday into the foreseeable future. Don’t be surprised if due to the funding of these events from Government, with Big Business sponsorship, combined with the all powerful eye of Socialist Media, there will be planted inciters to deliberately foment violence.� The media coverage of such will further discredit the protests/protesters and we’ll have more laws enacted against the Citizenry to prevent the Citizenry from engaging in the future.� The average person ignorant of these Socialist endeavors will be deliberately manipulated into siding with the Socialist Government against the Citizenry because of the Lies that will be spewed about any activity.� Good Citizens are going to suffer all manner of suffering.� Rest assured, any and all such provoked episodes will be prime coverage AGAINST Good Citizens, Tea Party Members or not, labeled as Tea Partyists come the 2010 mid-term elections to further manipulate results! So, if any choose to go to this 4th of July Celebration or any event, be on your guard with an ever watchful eye.� If you go, learn from this to prevent future losses.� In addition to keeping an ever-vigilant eye on the Constitution and what it takes to restore it, learn the art of warfare and incorporate the techniques.� Read Sun Tsu’s (sometimes spelled Tzu) The Art of War and other warfare strategies and incorporate them.� Pay attention to and learn from the Veterans, and in particular the ones who have been on the front lines, they are experienced.� They’ve been there; done that! While this might be devastating news/information to some people because so many resources have already been expended on the 4th of July endeavors, learn from The Art of War – be unpredictable!� This event was too predictable.� The Socialist enemy is fully capable of taking advantage of the predictability and they will again in the future each and every time!

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“We should BOYCOTT ALL GOVERNMENT FUNDED 4th of July “rhetoric” Celebrations!!! Let the hypocrites set up the firework displays and have no one show up to wow them. The government is for the people and by the people & not the other way around!”