It’s Time For LOVE, To Trump Hate

In these tough time, in the event it constantly seems, we are facing enemies, and conflicts/ dangers, both, off their parts of the globe, as well as within our borders, perhaps it would be, better, and wouldn’t we, all, be much better served, if, there was clearly more focus as well as, towards achieving, a gathering, with the minds, to the common good? How is it helpful, if we constantly, are bombarded, by polarizing oratories/ language, together with the appearance, of pitting, one segment of society, against another? Is there anymore – term, benefit, produced from constant conflicts, and polarization (both, in language, along with deeds)? Although, some may, believe, this sort of behavior, serves their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, isn’t it time, for LOVE, to trump hate, and get started? With that in mind, this information will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, while using mnemonic approach, what this signifies and represents, and why, it might, eventually, are the different from the sustainable future, we seek, and a far less desirable one!

1. Listen (to each other); learn; leading: When is going to be start listening to one another, and, truly, caring with what might be, in every of our, desires? Unless/ until, we invest in effectively learning, from the mistakes, and errors from the past, we are going to continue driving them to, and the planet, will be exposed to unwanted dangers, we may face! Shouldn’t those we elect, people, who target leading and representing, all of us, as an alternative to merely, their core supporters and followers?

2. Options; opportunities: Whether one supports, or opposes, our current President, Donald Trump, he should realize, a President’s words have power, and influence/ meaning! Leaders should understand, there are several options, and whether they choose, to be supportive and inclusive, as opposed to polarizing, many desirable opportunities, could possibly be lost, possibly forever!

3. Value/ values; vision; views: What a leader does, is much more significant, than any empty promises, he makes! Does his rhetoric represent, the core values, of freedoms, liberty, and justice, for those, America and it is Constitution, are based upon? Will the main objective of national expenditures provide value, to make sure the finest, relevant, sustainable, path? Are someone’s words, his personal view, politically motivated, inclusive, or oppositional?

4. Empathy; energize; enhance; excellence: Our political leaders should be aware, they have to represent all of us, as an alternative to only, their core supporters! To do so, they must commit to the utmost degree of genuine empathy, as a way to energize everyone, in an inspiring, motivating manner! One’s focus should be, to enhance the nation, and strive for the utmost a higher level genuine excellence!

It’s time for LOVE to trump hate, now, for we all! Wake up, America, and demand, dedication, by those you elect, to respect the core issues from the United States Constitution.

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